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Sustainable Development Founders



After organizing many TRANSFORMATION TALKS in the world, we continue to build our GLOBAL ALLIANCE OF LEADERS in TRANSFORMATION ready to share new solutions based on GLOBAL GOALS thanks to partners like ONE and FYL (Free Your Life) who work secure contracts and impact investments, as well as a whole dynamic ecosystem where they, and you also, can find synergies and act in complete safety to meet the challenges of the future. While waiting for the disappearance of the pandemic, we are also in the process of setting up future VIRTUAL TRANSFORMATIONS TALKS (VTT) which go beyond the current classic webinars. As soon as we are ready, we will be happy to invite you to come to discuss of our common visions and visit the constructions that will serve as a basis for these VTT as well as a venue for presenting partner projects.

Marie Schneegans

CEO & Cofounder

Marie Schneegans has made it her mission to make employees happier and more connected at work. Marie founded her own company in 2015, launching the initial Never Eat Alone app, the best-selling corporate socializing and networking tool.

Marci Zaroff

Founder - ECOfashion Corp

ECOpreneur | Author | Founder: - sustainable apparel, home fashion & hospitality lifestyle brands - QVC eco expert & guest host - India/USA turnkey sustainable apparel, home & hospitality manufacturing platform

Amine Moussalit

Founder - Ultimate Factory

I'm Amine founder of Ultimate Factory startup developing digital solution as EHS platform and industry 4.0

Asif Kabani


I am a Mentor | Startup Coach | Trainer | Keynote Speaker | Fellow (UN) | Founder and CEO, Next Generation Leaders (NGLs). I have two MBAs (Marketing and Information Technology) and MSc in Development Studies.