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Participants at ChangeNOW 2022

Ben Costantini

Founder & CEO - Sesamers

I try to break this website during the day and write about community & web3 in my spare time.

Lukasz Piotrowski

CEO & Founder - Omniaz

Leading provider of 3D/AR/XR solution for Retail in CEE.

Tomás Lázaro

Empresario - MetaLabs

I'm MetaLabs Cofounder, a mobile app development Company.

Jatin Bhoye

executive manager - mvy alchemy llp

wanted some info

Benjamin Debusschere

Head of Startup Booster - JEC Group

Head of Startup Booster, an international startup competition in the field of Advanced & Composite Materials

Héloïse Soriano

Marketing & Communication Associate - Inovexus

Meeting people is learning by definition

Marie Bonniol

Ecosystem & Marketing Director - Via ID

As a business accelerator for new businesses and the venture capital arm of Mobivia, Via ID provides long-term support for projects and entrepreneurs in the development of innovative solutions so that they can become leaders in sustainable mobility and autotech. As Ecosystem and Marketing Director, my mission is to reinforce the visibility, attractiveness and expertise of Via ID in the field of sustainable mobility but also to be a strong team player among the steering committee in order to best advise the CEO.

Ana Maria Jipa

Co-Founder CEO - Olyn

With a technical mindset and passion for the history of human progress, in the last nine years, Ana Maria designed solutions in the space of APIs, Marketplaces, and Fintech, collaborating with leaders within the private and public sectors. She’s been actively focused on the topic of Circular Economy and how current systems could innovate and adjust to the human needs that lead to a better life. Olyn takes shape after its team recognized that even though we still live in a society of exchange, we simply transact in the digital world (financial systems are information asymmetric). The company’s vision is to build a bidirectional exchange of information at the time of the transaction, meaning, its solution is an Asset Registry platform (NFT as a service) embedded at the checkout, where Olyn’s team identifies and tokenizes the assets (in an NFT format) enabling consumers to capture ownership at the time of payment. Olyn's mission is to connect individuals, businesses, and economies seamlessly so they can thrive in Web 3.0.

Frank Petry

CEO - EuroTechVentures

Ecologist & Economist, Angel investor, VC (GP, LP & board member), Multi-founder. 30+ years in executive functions on the supervisory board as well as on the management board. Top level executive coach and mentor. Focus on corporate development, innovation, leadership, communication and executive management. Various board positions in interest groups, as well as member of international network associations.

Tiago Perdigão

CEO - Fractal Mind Lda

An experienced Manager with 25 years of experience in the areas of marketing, sales, retail and Gamification. A true team player, I have extensive national and international experience in various business areas so he feels at home anywhere on the globe, and in any kind of project. Always pioneering in the use of new technologies to the business world, I took on gamification as my latest challenge.

Joe Chan

Managing Director - QueueMed

Out of box thinking

Tural Ismayilzadeh

Skybee - Sky Life Industry

Sky Life Industry

Sarah Pedroza

Hello Tomorrow - Hello Tomorrow

I’m both concerned and fascinated by the impact of emerging technologies on our lives. At Hello Tomorrow we are building a collaborative ecosystem that leverages the power of deep technologies to tackle world challenges.

Esther Fälemark

Sourcing - Startup Sesame

Let’s chat and share a swedish kanelbulle!

Matthieu Ricard

Founding Director and President - Karuna-Shechen

Matthieu Ricard, born in France in 1946, is a Buddhist monk, humanitarian, author of books, translator, and photographer. He is the son of French philosopher Jean-François Revel and painter Yahne Le Toumelin.

Kate Williams

CEO - 1% for the Planet

Kate Williams is CEO of 1% for the Planet. Kate joined the 1% for the Planet team in 2014 and stepped into her role as CEO in May 2015 with a strong leadership track record