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Participants at SaaStock 2022

Rémi Prunier

Principal - Orange Ventures

VC @ Orange Ventures

Suzanne Newman

CMO - Sesamers

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Alina Vandenberghe

Co-CEO & Co-Founder - Chili Piper

Alina Vandenberghe is a Romanian native that created a tech billion dollar from nothing. Chili Piper is the leading inbound conversion software, fueling today’s high-growth B2B revenue teams.

Nathan Latka

CEO - Founderpath

Nathan Latka is the principal of private equity firm Latka Capital; executive producer and host of “The Top Entrepreneurs” podcast; and CEO at two companies he’s recently purchased.

Eléonore Crespo

Co-Founder & Co-CEO - Pigment

Hanno Renner

Co-Founder & CEO - Personio

Hanno co-founded Personio in 2015 with three study colleagues with the goal of digitizing HR management and recruiting processes for small and mid-sized enterprises. He previously co-founded Feedbackme and was a skipper for many years.

Julie Kainz

Partner - Lightspeed Venture Partners

Julie joined Lightspeed as an investor in London to help build out the team and presence on the ground, as Europe is seeing an inflection point in its venture activity.

Christian Owens

Founder & CEO - Paddle

Christian Owens is a technology entrepreneur located in the United Kingdom. Christian has been involved with a number of startups but most notably his own two Branchr Advertising and Mac Bundle Box.

Eynat Guez

Co-founder & CEO - Papaya Global

Eynat co-founded Papaya after seeing the technology gap in global payroll. She combined her twin passions – technology and global HR – to start a revolution in global payroll management.

Shane Happach

CEO - Mollie

Shane Happach has prior experience of more than 10 years with Worldpay – a payment processing company, first as Chief Commercial Officer of its e-commerce division and more recently as EVP and Head of Global eCommerce.

Alice Deer

CEO & Co-founder - GatherContent

Alice Deer is the CEO & Co-founder at GatherContent. She attended University of Aberdeen.

Armando Biondi

Co-founder & CEO - BreadcrumbsIO

Armando Biondi currently works as the Co-Founder and CEO for He previously worked at Hootsuite as the global head of growth operations.

Ian Carpenter

Head of Events - Sifted

Head of Events @