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Participants at TNW Conference 2022

Patrick de Laive

Founder - TNW

Hi, I'm Patrick, founder of TNW, board member of a couple of startups. I'm based in Amsterdam, NL.

Ana Maria Jipa

Co-Founder CEO - Olyn

With a technical mindset and passion for the history of human progress, in the last nine years, Ana Maria designed solutions in the space of APIs, Marketplaces, and Fintech, collaborating with leaders within the private and public sectors. She’s been actively focused on the topic of Circular Economy and how current systems could innovate and adjust to the human needs that lead to a better life. Olyn takes shape after its team recognized that even though we still live in a society of exchange, we simply transact in the digital world (financial systems are information asymmetric). The company’s vision is to build a bidirectional exchange of information at the time of the transaction, meaning, its solution is an Asset Registry platform (NFT as a service) embedded at the checkout, where Olyn’s team identifies and tokenizes the assets (in an NFT format) enabling consumers to capture ownership at the time of payment. Olyn's mission is to connect individuals, businesses, and economies seamlessly so they can thrive in Web 3.0.

Frank Petry

CEO - EuroTechVentures

Ecologist & Economist, Angel investor, VC (GP, LP & board member), Multi-founder. 30+ years in executive functions on the supervisory board as well as on the management board. Top level executive coach and mentor. Focus on corporate development, innovation, leadership, communication and executive management. Various board positions in interest groups, as well as member of international network associations.

Tiago Perdigão

CEO - Fractal Mind Lda

An experienced Manager with 25 years of experience in the areas of marketing, sales, retail and Gamification. A true team player, I have extensive national and international experience in various business areas so he feels at home anywhere on the globe, and in any kind of project. Always pioneering in the use of new technologies to the business world, I took on gamification as my latest challenge.

Joe Chan

Managing Director - QueueMed

Out of box thinking

Antonela Bailetti

Startup Manager - South Summit

Tural Ismayilzadeh

Skybee - Sky Life Industry

Sky Life Industry

Ouali Benmeziane


@Ouali based in Miami, FL, founder of the @webcongress creating the future of tech events and education experiences.

Suzanne Newman

CMO - Sesamers

Can't wait to meet you before/during the next Tech event!

Bert Van Kerkhoven

Associate - Seedrs

Associate at Seedrs

Dov Zales

Founder, COO & Chairman of the Board - Snappers

Dov Zales is a Telecommunications Engineer and Product Developer with over 15 years of experience. Following his studies in Uruguay, he was active in product innovation and received 2 separate Honorable Mention at the LG Electronics Design competition for innovative products. Dov held a senior position, for 2 years, as the principal Project Manager at Melcox, a multinational company which specializes in integrating telecommunications equipment and systems. In 2003 Dov moved to Israel where he worked as a Project Manager mainly in the Product Development field. In 2014 he decided to become an entrepreneur and founded Snappers. Under Dov's leadership, Snappers became a finalist at the 4YFN competition in Barcelona in 2016. Founder and CEO at Snappers, a platform and marketplace that enables bloggers, influencers, freelancer journalists or any other content creator to crowd-source video reporters to shoot and live stream any event worldwide. In other words Snappers allows them to remotely cover the desired events turning all the participants into field reporters. The blogger creates in real time his own broadcast while switching between the different obtained feeds and adding his own audio commentary. Alternately the blogger can write his blog posts based on what he watch from the obtained Live Video from the field.

Laura Koliska

Head of Product - PIRATEx GmbH

Enthusiastic about connecting people and creating extraordinary experiences. Leading the event agency PIRATEx and a team who builds remarkable online and hybrid events, fairs, congresses, product placements, video productions and many more.

Candy Yu

Analyst - Safran

Adam Fulham

Founder & CEO - Startup Network Europe

Founder & CEO of Startup Network Europe, which makes conferences that gather thousands of European Startup Founders, Angel Investors, and Venture Capitalists.

Chet Long

Advisor - IBC Group

I utilize years of geopolitical and market experience to provide full rounded advisory services during negotiations for IBC Group. Formerly: ???? Non-Commissioned Officer in Charge, ISR Administration; @ United States Air Force (retired) ???? Site Administrator (15 years) @ Wikipedia ???? Consultant @ Pramana Investments ???? Chairman/CEO @ First 4 Airman’s Association ???? Risk management expert ???? Political analyst/consultant ???? Court Appointed Special Advocate @ Caddo Parish, Louisiana

Aashish Razdan

COO - SGNCO Green Resources Ltd.

Looking to Raise Capital for an upcoming project.

Eden Djanashvili

Founder - Deeptech Community

Passionate about the intersection between science and technology with more than 12 years experience in the entrepreneurship ecosystem. Dounder of the Deeptech Community and Hello Tomorrow ambassador.

Felipe Millan


Co-founder & CMO at - THE CUSTOMER IDENTITY PLATFORM for businesses that take their customers’ data and experience SERIOUSLY. Former @SendGrid @Twilio @Semrush