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Participants at TNW Valencia 2023

Peter Sandberg

Founding Partner - Nordic Secondary Fund

secondary only

Frederick Stokkelaar

VC Analyst - Airbridge Equity Partners

Suzanne Newman

CMO - Sesamers

Can't wait to meet you before/during the next Tech event!

Goncalo Hall

CEO - Nomadx

CEO at NomadX and creator of Nomad Communities all over the world. Starter of the Digital Nomad village in MAdeira island.

Alex Smout

Principal - InMotion Ventures

Alex Smout is Principal at InMotion Ventures, and prior to joining, he was Investment Manager for nearly six years at Digital Science, the corporate venture capital arm of Holtzbrinck Publishing Group, focused on scientific software.

Merce Tell

Co-Founder - Nekko Capital

Co-founder and COO of Encomenda Capital Partners, Mercè has 20 years of experience in venture capital and investment in technology-based projects in the early stages of development mainly in Southern Europe.