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Participants at World Summit AI 2022

Suzanne Newman

CMO - Sesamers

Can't wait to meet you before/during the next Tech event!

Rémi Prunier

Principal - Orange Ventures

VC @ Orange Ventures

Colin Murdoch

Chief Business Officer - DeepMind

Decades of international commercial experience and deep technical expertise mean Colin is uniquely placed to ensure DeepMind’s cutting-edge research benefits as many people as possible.

Caroline Gorski

CEO - Rolls-Royce

Caroline has spent 25 years analysing, advising on and managing strategic change at the cutting edge of technology development, and leading the transfer of emerging technologies to the commercial market.

Mark Surman

Executive Director - Mozilla

It's Mark Surman's job to keep it healthy. Mark is Executive Director of Mozilla, a global nonprofit that does everything from making Firefox to standing up for issues like online privacy.

Elizabeth Bramson-Boudreau

CEO & Publisher

Elizabeth has a 20-year background building and running teams at world-leading media companies. She has an executive MBA from the London Business School, an MSc from the London School of Economics, and a Bachelor’s Degree from Swarthmore College.

Christopher Bishop

Laboratory Director and Technical Fellow - Microsoft

Christopher Bishop is a Microsoft Technical Fellow and Laboratory Director of the Microsoft Research Lab in Cambridge, UK.

Radhika Dirks

CEO & Founder - Ribo AI LLC

Radhika Dirks bewitches silicon to do smarter stuff than any human. She breathes logic gates into glass to harness the hidden laws of the universe.

Davood Shamsi

AI/ML Leader - Apple

Experienced Machine Learning leader with a demonstrated history of working in the internet industry. Skilled in Machine Learning, Big Data Platforms, Mathematical Modeling, Optimization and NLP.

Betsy Greytok

Vice President, Ethics & Policy - IBM

Betsy Greytok is based out of Austin, Texas, United States and works at IBM as Vice President, Ethics & Policy.

Alex Kantrowitz

Founder - Big Technology

Alex is the founder of Big Technology, an independent publication that covers the inner workings of Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google, and Microsoft. His email newsletter goes out to thousands of Silicon Valley decision-makers each week.

Linda Leopold

Head of Responsible AI & Data - H&M Group

Linda Leopold is Head of Responsible AI & Data at global fashion retailer H&M Group,?where she leads?the company’s work on sustainable and ethical artificial intelligence and data.

Joshua Ogwal

Executive Director - CLB Capital

I turn lemon into lemonade by managing a Distressed Asset firm in Uganda, East Africa. I am looking to build partnerships and raise capital to grow the business across East Africa.

Farouk Elnaas

Assocoate - Cisco Systems

I'm an associate at Cisco Investments, which is the internal team at Cisco that is responsible for M&A and VC investments.