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PIRATE Summit 2022

PIRATE Summit focuses on real life experiences, authentic connections, peer learning, and is characterized by its festival-like atmosphere. An environment for people to let their guard down, engage in meaningful ways, renew old friendships, start new ones, and just be themselves.

1,000 participants




2022-09-06 to 2022-09-07

Tickets range (min/max)

250 - 2100€



Speakers at PIRATE Summit 2022

Fahima Farrahi

Co-Founder and CEO - WiseShot

I’m an entrepreneur since 2014. For my first experience, I co-founded a company devoted to helping people improve their brain function by choosing a healthy lifestyle.

Borys Musielak

Founding Partner - SMOK Ventures

Engineer turned Entrepreneur turned Investor. Geek. Film buff. Basketball fan. I'm a founding partner at SMOK Ventures where we fund top early stage entrepreneurs based in Central & Eastern Europe. We focus on software and gaming startups.

Alema Pelesic

Project Manager - Rezolut

Alema is part of Rezolut and NEAR Balkans HUB and has been empowering the community by creating spaces for discussion and business partnership on the NEAR protocol.

Ben Sufiani

Founder - Pirate Skills

I am a purpose-driven creator on the journey to master the art and science of growth marketing. At Pirate Skills I focus on studying and sharing insights about growth.

Regina Overchyk

International Acceleration Manager - Seedstars

International programs manager (acceleration, incubation, pre-acceleration, bootcamps), building and launching acceleration programs in Africa, MENA, Asia and Latam.

Michelangelo Frigo

Founder and CEO - Togggle

Stina Liland

COO - Bitrefill

I am currently COO at Swedish company Bitrefill where I do a variety of stuff like product & project management, process design, HR & recruitment etc.

Engjell Rraklli

Founder & CEO - division5

I am an European Entrepreneur and founder based in Tirana, Albania.

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Participants at PIRATE Summit 2022

Felipe Millan


Co-founder & CMO at - THE CUSTOMER IDENTITY PLATFORM for businesses that take their customers’ data and experience SERIOUSLY. Former @SendGrid @Twilio @Semrush

Suzanne Newman

CMO - Sesamers

Can't wait to meet you before/during the next Tech event!

Joshua Ogwal

Executive Director - CLB Capital

I turn lemon into lemonade by managing a Distressed Asset firm in Uganda, East Africa. I am looking to build partnerships and raise capital to grow the business across East Africa.

Margarida Garcia

Principal - Beacon

Margarida has dedicated her career to helping early stage founders. She spent over 10 years working in ops and finance roles, scaling teams and helping founders fundraise. She is currently a Principal at Beacon investing in early-stage enterprise companies pre-Series A and offering liquidity to founders post-Series A. Prior to that, she spent over 2 years as interim Financial Director of several consumer and enterprise companies helping them raise rounds of $2m-60m. Previously she was COO at Lifebit growing the team 4x in 6 months and at source(d), a developer tools startup, she led a commercial team of 12.

Tess Lawrence

Marketing - Sesamers

Excited for the opportunity to network with you!

JF Arbona

CTO - Agily

when do we meet ?

Theo Lebarq

Développeur - Agily

Développeur de l'équipe Agily

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