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South Summit 2023

South Summit is an invitation to the global innovation ecosystem to be part of transforming economies based on 4 main pillars: Sustainability, Connection, Innovation and Business.

25,000 participants




2023-06-07 to 2023-06-09

Tickets range (min/max)

119 - 1099€


Spain Startup

Participants at South Summit 2023

Hugo Boudry

Account Executive - Amplitude

Passionated by tech, I am looking forward to meet you at events

Nidhi Bhola

Senior Software Engineer - TripActions

I am a Backend Developer with 12 years of experience. I have successfully designed data models and microservices keeping performance, robustness, and delivery in mind. I always keep transparent communication between all team members. I love to work on new things where I can learn new technologies.

Daniel Gonzalvez

Investment & Portfolio Manager - MW Capital - The Collider

VC Investment manager at a deeptech venturebuilder and fund.

Miguel García

CEO - Sploro

CEO and cofounder at Sploro. An innovation service company specialized in innovation activities like strategy definition and fundraising for R&D projects

Thomas Cancerean

consultant - Abeam consulting limited

easy going person

Mosin Shaikh

CEO - CollegeStuff

With the little knowledge and zeal that I have. I've realized, the business landscape of the world is severely affected by the mediocrity syndrome in which entrepreneurship looks lucrative to live a decent life. I desire to build something involving critical brainstorming to develop strategies with their scope ranging from an apple to The Apple to deliver a wave of nano-impacts that floods every level of the entire system with nothing but immense contentment. I'm here to build.

odette yang

investor - Radian Capital

I'm an investor at Radian Capital, where we invest in Series A and later technology companies.

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