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Speakers at TechBBQ 2022

Dan Burgar

CEO - Frontier Collective

Dan is a pioneer in the technology space and a leader within the VR/AR/Metaverse industry. Co-founder of two disruptive companies; Frontier Collective and Shape Immersive.

Liva Echwald

Founder - Found Diverse

Liva is co-founder of Intentional, a company that provides intentional design for diversity in finance and investments.

Oscar Höglund

Co-Founder and CEO - Epidemic Sound

Look, listen & learn. Then go disrupt.

Stine Mangor Tornmark

Co-founder & CEO - Openli

Stine is co-founder and CEO at Openli, which aims to help companies get control of GDPR.

Michael Wilkinson


Michael is the co-founder and COO at EVERYTHING, the social money experience that brings friends and creators together by rewarding them through their everyday finances.

Helene Guillaume

Founder & CEO - Wild AI

Helene Guillaume is a data scientist and athlete which led her to become the founder and CEO of WILD.AI - a training, nutrition, & sleep recommendations platform based on the female physiology (menstruating, on birth control or menopause).

Thorsten Dittmar

Founder & CEO - polypoly

Thorsten is the initiator of polypoly a cooperative which works to reclaim sovereignty over our data. He has been a technologist, entrepreneur, mentor and social impact investor for over thirty years.

Caroline Farberger

Partner & Chairwoman - Wellstreet

Caroline, now partner and board chair of Wellstreet, previously served a six-year tenure as CEO of ICA Insurance having spent 25 years in the insurance industry on several senior management positions across the Nordics.

Philip Michael

Founder & CEO - NYCE

Philip Michael is an entrepreneur, executive coach, keynote speaker, and bestselling author. Philip is on a mission to create $100B of wealth for marginalized communities by 2030.

Erika Cheung

Co-Founder at Ethics in Entrepreneurship - Ethics in Entrepreneurship

Erika Cheung founded Ethics in Entrepreneurship, a non-profit organization with the mission to embed ethical questioning, culture, and systems in startup ecosystems worldwide.