Sesamers on Tour: Russia, Ukraine and Belarus

Join us on Tuesday, May 11th at 2pm CET to learn about the booming Eastern European tech ecosystem.


Taking the format of a Q&A, this session will introduce you to the happenings of some key tech ecosystems in the CIS region. Hosted by Aline Nilsson, co-founder of EMERGE – leading tech conference in Eastern Europe and Central Asia.


Learn about the general happenings of the CIS region. Presented by ecosystem expert Alina Nilsson, this introduction will highlight some big deals from 2020 and upcoming trends.

  • Alina Nilsson, co-founder of EMERGE

Meet Belarus, Ukraine and Russia

In this section, Alina will talk with three key players of each tech ecosystem in Belarus, Ukraine and Russia.

Intro to Belarus – Q&A covering insights from the Tech in Belarus Report.

  • Cyril Golub, Board Member of Belarus Angels Association (AngelsBand)

Intro to Ukraine.

  • Jane Klepa, Executive Director at Open Data Incubator

Intro to Russia.

Startup journey in Russia

To end the session and learn more about the Russian tech ecosystem, Alina will be interviewing the founder of Russian startup FITMOST.

Based in Moscow, FITMOST is a subscription with which you can visit hundreds of fitness studios and centers. Their goal is to make sport accessible to everyone, to show its diversity and the popularity of a healthy lifestyle throughout the country.

  • Alexandra Gerasimova, Co-Founder & CEO at Fitmost.

Register here ti.to/sesamers/tour-2021/

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